Individually Paced Training Program


Our program is based on the individual and not a group!

No two individuals are alike and no two individuals will learn at the same pace!

We pride ourselves on being the only school who recognizes and trains individuals due to the understanding that each persons height, weight, personality, athletic ability, learning curve and adaptability are different. Our program takes all of these factors and more into account in order to ensure each individual gets the proper amount of training, regardless of the above factors. Face 2 Face Wrestling School also makes sure that during this process, our trainees come out being the safest, most adaptable wrestlers to hit the independent wrestling circuit. 

With our staff and professionally developed training methods, all you need is the willingness, desire and dedication

to achieve your dreams!

Let Face 2 Face Wrestling School be the guiding light from beginning through your most successful moments in the world professional wrestling.

Don't Forget, we also offer our own student housing!


  • WHY attend other schools who's trainers have never competed at the highest level?

  • Why Attend other schools who train groups and not you as an individual?

  • Why Attend a school that offers 12 - 16 week programs and then leaves you wondering where to go next and what you got for your money?


Our Trainers are clearly the BEST in the industry and have all competed in the #1 Global promotion with a combined 150 years + of industry experience! Stop asking why and take the ONLY step you will ever need to become the Superstar you have always dreamed of being!!!



  1. Pay as you go plan: $750 down / $200 per month for as long as you attend. This plan best suits People who want to train as a Managers / Referee.

  2. Annual Membership: $500 down / $175 per month with a signed 1 year agreement

  3. 3 year membership: $500 down / $150 per month with a signed 3 year agreement

  4. Lifetime membership: $5000 due before 1st day of training. This program is all inclusive & includes access to any future facilities under the Face 2 Face Wrestling Brand.

(Certain Restrictions May Apply! Pricing and Plans Are Subject To Change Without Notice!)

All Transactions are NON-Refundable