Staff & Trainers


Ron Simmons is nothing less than a household name to any true wrestling fan! This Hall of Fame Superstar has held titles 9 times, is a 30 year in ring veteran and is the most decorated and accomplished wrestler to also compete in the NFL. Throughout his career, Ron has been recognized as one of the best to work with in the ring despite his massive physique. Ron’s ability to connect on every level with students along with his in ring and fitness regimens will help the Face 2 Face students in ways few others can offer.

Heath Miller (who performs as Heath Slater in World Wrestling Entertainment), has been a professional wrestler since 2004. Heath is recognized in the industry as one of the safest in ring performers which is evident by the laundry list of Legends he has performed against. Heath has held numerous Championships and was with WWE until his release in 2020. He is also the only person to ever hold the Tag Team Championships for both brands.



Teddy Long is a 32 year veteran in the wrestling industry and if you don't know this man, please stop here as you simply do not know wrestling! This dedicated wrestling fan turned Hall of Famer took the initiative upon himself to pave his way into wrestling history and the

2017 Hall of Fame! 

As one of the most likable characters to ever grace the business, Teddy is a master on the Mic! His amazing career started most notably as a referee and then saw him become one of the best managers ever. Eventually Teddy Long took on the Role as General Manager, leading the top promotion to even greater prominence.